[Mailman-Users] Bounce processing not working

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Aug 12 17:56:47 CEST 2009

Lindsay Haisley <fmouse-mailman at fmp.com>
   Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 13:02:55 -0500
     To: mailman-users at python.org
     Cc: Slim Richey <slim at ridgerunner.com>

>I have a list (several lists, actually) running on Mailman 2.1.11 and it
>looks as if bounce processing is broken.  On the list in question, the
>following are set:
>bounce_processing = Yes
>bounce_score_threshold = 1.0
>bounce_info_stale_after = 1
>bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings = 0
>bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval = 7
>/var/lib/mailman/logs/bounce shows many entry lines of this form, in
>sets of 3 as shown below:
>Aug 11 12:35:24 2009 (19017) listname: user at hotmail.com bounce score: 1.0
>Aug 11 12:35:24 2009 (19017) listname: user at hotmail.com disabling due to bounce score 1.0 >= 1.0
>Aug 11 12:35:24 2009 (19017) listname: user at hotmail.com deleted after exhausting notices
>However, looking at the subscription roster or grepping for
>user at hotmail.com using list_members indicates that the user is still
>subscribed, with no nomail flag set, and no notice is sent to the list

This is a bug introduced in 2.1.11 and fixed in 2.1.12.

You should be seeing errors in Mailman's error log too.

The attached Bouncer_patch.txt will fix it.

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