[Mailman-Users] mailman + postfix = strange behaviour

Stefan Förster cite+mailman-users at incertum.net
Thu Aug 20 13:21:34 CEST 2009

* Marek Kozlowski <kozlowsm at mini.pw.edu.pl>:
>> The message is delivered to a maildir store. I guess this is not a
>> Mailman problem, but a Postfix one. Perhaps you got address rewriting
>> wrong - is the mail really supposed to be delivered to
>> kozlowsm at alpha.mini.pw.edu.pl with the local(8) delivery agent? After
>> all, your mail address seems to be kozlowsm at mini.pw.edu.pl, without
>> the "alpha" part - but I don't know your mail setup.
> Normal mail sent to any of the followings:
> kozlowsm at alpha.mini.pw.edu.pl
> M.Kozlowski at alpha.mini.pw.edu.pl
> kozlowsm at mini.pw.edu.pl
> M.Kozlowski at mini.pw.edu.pl
> is delivered OK!

I couldn't possibly know that ;-)

Well, so this is now really a Postfix problem. I suggest adding "-v"
to the "local" stanza in master.cf, execute "postfix reload", send
another mail, capture the log data and ask on postfix-users.


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