[Mailman-Users] Server skips Mailman - more

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 7 18:05:34 CET 2009

alexander at nautae.eti.br wrote:
>I'm using postfix-to-mailman script.

postfix_to_mailman.py is user contributed software which is
'officially' not supported by the GNU Mailman project. Why are you
using it? If you are using it because that's the way your
Debian/Ubuntu/other package installed Mailman, you should be talking
to Debian/Ubuntu/other.

Also, there are Postfix lists for Postfix support. See

>And I have my domain in 'add_virtualhost' variable (in the mm_cfg.py file).

This is not going to make any difference to

>I've noticed now that there is a 'virtual-mailman' file at  
>/etc/mailman, but I think it's useless because I'm using  

Whether or not it's used depends on what you've put in Postfix's

My best guess in the dark here is you have MTA='Postfix' in mm_cfg.py
so Mailman is generating list aliases in it's data/aliases file and
you are referencing that file in alias_maps in Postfix main.cf. And,
delivery from local senders is working because it is using these
aliases, not postfix_to_mailman.py.

Then, something is not configured correctly for postfix_to_mailman so
it isn't working, and that's why mail from outside to your (virtual)
lists domain isn't working.

See the documentation at the beginning of the postfix_to_mailman.py
script on how to configure Postfix, or do as Andrew suggests in his
reply and set up the recommended Mailman/Postfix integration and don't
use postfix_to_mailman.py.

And if you wan't further help here or from postfix lists, post the
output from postconf -n and your master.cf changes.

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