[Mailman-Users] Auto-response for moderated new subscribes?

Cyndi Norwitz cyndi at norwitz.net
Mon Feb 9 20:19:30 CET 2009

I looked in the FAQ but could not find anything.

One of the lists I run is advertised to the public but subscriptions  
are moderated (need approval).  The other moderator and I would like  
a way to send out a form letter automatically to people when their  
subscription is pending that lists the basic info we want from them  
and where to send it.

I looked through the list admin commands.  The General page has a  
place for an auto-reply to new subscribers (appended to the regular  
welcome) but nothing for those who are pending.  Then there is the  
Auto-Reply page which has places for auto-responses to anyone mailing  
to -owner or -request.

Using a less busy list with moderated subscriptions, I edited those 2  
sections to send an auto-response (different wording so I could tell  
them apart), saved the page, then I subscribed myself at a previous  
unused address.  I got the moderator request immediately at my  
regular address but have not received an auto-response at the new  
address.  It's been over half an hour.

Am I missing something or does this feature not exist?

I use Mailman through an ISP that does not give root access.  They  
make a few changes to the code, mostly minor.  We use version 2.1.11.


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