[Mailman-Users] Trouble with moderator password

Drew Tenenholz drew.tenenholz at isid.org
Tue Feb 24 19:45:39 CET 2009

Guys --

Any idea on why I cannot seem to set/reset the moderator password for my list?

Running 2.1.11 on a Mac OS XServe (10.5.5) with which I had the help 
of a UNIX savvy person, documentation, and this list, to repackage 
the default Apple installation of mailman into a standard (and 
upgradable) installation a few weeks ago.

I was able to run the check_perms script (got a lot of errors about 
the archives & attachment folders) and fix them, but the problem 
seems to still persist.

Right now, I'm having to answer the moderation requests, since the 
list moderators cannot seem to login.  What are your ideas?

Drew Tenenholz

P.S.  It seems to me that running /bin/change_pw is NOT what I want to do.

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