[Mailman-Users] need advice - our mailman server is down

Town Country Florist - Luke luke48 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 04:41:48 CEST 2009

My name is Luke and would greatly appreciate any advice and direction..

My ham radio club located here in Western New York has been using
the mailman email reflector for many many years, with much success.

The server hosting the mailman program was set up by a local ham radio guy
at his
place of employment.  Unfortunately, he lost his job due to the company
cutting back
and he moved out of state and can no longer provide us with the mailman
The company made him remove the computer (server)

In fact about  6 other ham radio clubs in our area were also affected.

I looked into yahoo & Google groups to replace the Mailman reflector.
Personally I do not care for them because it is NOT what "mailman " can
just a simple way to send out group emails to the subscribed members our our
list .

My question is .. I am looking for an existing mailman server that would be
willing to
allow our club space on their server for our mailing list.

your help would be appreciated

my direct email is     luke  @  gmail.com

thanks,  Luke


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