[Mailman-Users] The email command interface is not working

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Thu Jul 30 23:17:40 CEST 2009

Jibin <Jibins.Joseph at lntinfotech.com> wrote:

>Please tell me wat is the default or expected action when we send a mail to
>'listname-owner at domain.com'. Will it send to a mail to all the list owners?
>What is the difference between a lisy owner and a list admin.
>Please guide me in this..
>Sorry to bother you a lot and thanks a lot in advance.

It will send e-mail to all of the addresses listed in the

     General Options

box in the Mailman list "home" page.  A list admin is anyone who
knows the list administrator password.  When there is something for
the administrator to do, Mailmman will send e-mail to the e-mail
address(es) of the owner(s).  There are some tasks that a list
moderator can do (approve postings, but not change the list config
parameters), so if the item awaiting action is something a
moderator can do, then the e-mail is sent to the moderator(s) and the

If I know the list admin password, then I can go to the list admin
web page and see if there is anything queued in the "pending
moderator requsts" queue.  I do not have first to receive an e-mail
telling me that there is something in that queue.
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