[Mailman-Users] Migration to new server, new domain name

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Jun 12 19:57:18 CEST 2009

Duane Winner wrote:
>Can anybody point me to a document or explain to me what is necessary to
>complete these steps?
>We have a mailman server hosted on a FreeBSD box and need to migrate it an
>Ubuntu box and change domain names on all the lists.
>We have several dozen lists, all under the "foo.org" domain. We need to
>change "foo.org" to "bar.org"
>The current "mail.foo.org" server on FreeBSD is getting long in the tooth,
>and we need to move anyway to Ubuntu. So I need to set up a new Ubuntu
>server w/ Postfix, Mailman and Apache and call this server "mail.bar.org"
>and this will be the MX server for "bar.org".
>For each *@foo.org list, I need to move it to the new server, and it's
>archives to mail.bar.org and that list will be called *@bar.org

This is covered in the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/gIA9>.

>But I also want to be able to protect users with forwarding.....if they
>still send mail to their old respective *@foo.org list, how do I configure
>to foward and process to the new *@bar.org list?

You need to congigure the MX MTA for foo.org with aliases or whatever
to forward LIST at foo.org mail to LIST at bar.org for each list.

In mailman, you probably want to set LIST at foo.org in Privacy options...
-> Recipient filters -> acceptable_aliases for each LIST at bar.org list,
although this isn't strictly necessary because current code will
accept LIST at foo.org as an explicit destination for LIST at bar.org for
backwards compatibility reasons.

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