[Mailman-Users] Tricky admin_immed_notify problem

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Mon Mar 2 23:27:57 CET 2009

Jim Savoy wrote:

>  I am not all that familiar with cron. Is that "crontab -u mailman
>crontab.in" something you need to run every time you reboot the system?
>Or does it add something to /etc/cron.d or /etc/cron.daily or
>(I don't see anything new in those).

Jim Savoy answers himself:

Before I get blasted with RTFMs, I did just read the manpage for
and it says that each user may maintain their own separate crontabs, so
I have now deduced that the command I ran activated that. I am still not
if I am supposed to run that every time we reboot or if it's permanent
if I change crontab.in (to comment out tomorrow's 8:00 am run, for
do I have to execute that command again?). Thanks.

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