[Mailman-Users] Tricky admin_immed_notify problem

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Tue Mar 3 21:13:39 CET 2009

>> Jim Savoy wrote:

>>I will probably leave the gateway news stuff out forever. And also the
>>password reminder thing, as we don't want to bombard our students with
>>more info...

> Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Fair enough, although the sending of reminders is a list option. You
can set


Yep - that is the default we have set for all lists, so passwords have
to be found by the user themselves (through the links in their email)
or by sending me mail.

So I guess the downside to not running that cron job is that if an owner
changed that setting, nothing would happen as far as a monthly reminder

>>I probably won't run the "disabled users" reminder either, for the
>>reason as above.

>This has a side effect which may not be important in your environment.
>If bounce processing is enabled for a list and
>bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings is set > 0, when a user's bounce
>score reaches the threshold, the users delivery is disabled by bounce
>and the first notice is sent. From there the entire process of sending
>subsequent notices and removing bouncing members from the list is don
>by cron/disabled, so if you have bounce processing is enabled for a
>list and bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings is set > 0 and you don't run
>cron/disabled, the members who have been disabled by bounce will never
>be removed.

I see. OK I will add this one in a bit later on to clean up some of
lists. Some of our more ancient lists that are not updated by cron (and
have most likely been abandoned) have nothing but bad addresses
to them. Now I know why!

>>So that just leaves two more things to run via cron: digests and
>>gzipping. I will run the digests thing next and if that goes smoothly,
unleash the
>>archive gzipping. 

>Actually, gzipping of the archive is the one I don't run.

I won't either then (!). I was only considering running that to save
anyway, but I can probably free up lots of archive space by deleting
abandoned lists.

Thanks Mark.

 - jim -

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