[Mailman-Users] aliases-revaliases mailman Postfix

André BEGOC Andre.Begoc at ensieta.fr
Tue Mar 10 13:19:31 CET 2009

I'm using aliases and reverse aliases (revaliases) with postfix & mailman, 
ex :
In /etc/postfix/aliases, i have :
Firstname.Lastname:lastnafi     (lastnafi is the classic unix login)

In /etc/postfix/revaliases, i have :
lastnafi Firstname.Lastname

aliases.db is created with : postalias aliases
revaliases.db is created with : postmap revaliases

My students subscribe at mailman list with their login (ie : 
lastnafi at domain.com). When they send a message to list, they are : "not 
subscribed" , because they are subscribed with : 
Firstname.Lastname at domain.com

How can i force mailman to use, independently : lastnafi at domain.com and/or 
: Firstname.Lastname at domain.com
Thank you

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