[Mailman-Users] Self-Approval against From Forgeries

Ephraim Silverberg ephraim at cse.huji.ac.il
Wed Mar 18 10:42:09 CET 2009

[ Apologies if this has been discussed before -- I couldn't find any mention ]
[ of it in the FAQ.                                                          ]

Certain lists of ours are sensitive and, hence, the members of the list
want to ensure that messages are not sent to the list by an outsider
that forges the From line of a valid list member.

In our previous listserver, there was a "self-approval" mechanism for
such lists -- i.e. when a message arrive purportedly from list member X,
the message would be held and a confirmation request would be sent back
to the address of X requesting that he reply to the confirmation message
if he indeed was the author of the original message.  Only after the
confirmation-reply was received, the original message was sent off to
the entire list.

How can I implement such a self-approval mechanism in Mailman 2.1.11?
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