[Mailman-Users] Moving mailman to a new server.

Harold Pritchett harold at uga.edu
Thu Mar 19 05:04:24 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Harold Pritchett wrote:
>> Thanks...  An even shorter answer is VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = Off
>> I'm not using virtual hosts.
> But you still need to run fix_url because otherwise you will be
> exposing URLs with the old host name, and if your Mailman version is
> pre 2.1.12 (the first version in which relative web page URLs actually
> worked), all the links on the web interface and the POST actions will
> still point to the old host.

This is strange.  Setting VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW works.  Running fix_url
doesn't.  Here's the output of withlist -l -r fix_url test-l -v

> [root at calserv bin]# ./withlist -l -r fix_url test-l -v
> Importing fix_url...
> Running fix_url.fix_url()...
> Loading list test-l (locked)
> Setting web_page_url to: http://calserv.calconnect.org/mailman/
> Setting host_name to: calserv.calconnect.org
> Saving list
> Finalizing
> [root at calserv bin]# 

and it still doesn't show up in the web list of lists...

Here's the active part of my mm_cfg.py:

> # Default to using the FQDN of machine mailman is running on.
> # If this is not correct for your installation delete the following 5
> # lines that acquire the FQDN and manually edit the hosts instead.
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'xxx.yyy.org'
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'xxx.yyy.org'
> # Because we've overriden the virtual hosts above add_virtualhost
> # MUST be called after they have been defined.

The linux "hostname" command returns the same name (xxx.yyy.org)

Is there some way to actually display the names that mailman thinks
are the host names and to dump the internal names within the lists?

Could this be a problem with SELINUX??


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