[Mailman-Users] Mailman appends hostname to some address on mail list

Tom Tilmant tom at tilmant.com
Mon May 4 03:34:18 CEST 2009

I have been using mailman for several years with my current VPS provider.
About a month ago I started getting complaints from users that they were not
receiving e-mails. I have a spam problem with the server about the same time
and contribute most of the undeliverable because of that. But the complaints
became more frequent and I was able to give my service provider to provide
me with the log files and I started to notice that when I sent an e-mail out
to a mailing list say "parents at DOMIAN.com", that some of the log entries in
the mail log would show the following:


2009-05-03 13:27:54 [20088] 1M0iHw-0005Dq-2U => person1 at pacbell.net
F=<parents-bounces at DOMIAN.com> P=<parents-bounces at DOMIAN.com> R=lookuphost
T=remote_smtp S=4894 H=pbimail2.prodigy.net []:25 C="250 2.0.0
n43KRqOE012511 Message accepted for delivery" QT=2s DT=2s


Which would deliver just fine while others would say:


2009-05-03 16:12:52 [20088] H=localhost (myhost.DOMAIN.com)
[]:45816 I=[]:25 F=<mailman-bounces at myhost.DOMAIN.com>
temporarily rejected RCPT <person2 at sbcglobal.net>: Could not complete sender


Which of course were not deliverable but we're all part of the same mailing
list. Has anybody seen this and what is the fix? My current environment is
that I'm using a hosted VPS with Cpanel and don't have root access. My
service provider claims not to support mailman any longer all through its
still part of the Cpanel install.  My version of Cpanel is 11.24.4-RELEASE
and it appears that my mailman version is version 2.1.11.cp3.  I'm trying to
get a grasp on the exact issue so that I can provide my service provider
with a way of fixing it and not request root access which then I lose all
support from them. 


I appreciate any help in advance.

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