[Mailman-Users] some mailing list members not getting emails

nigel white nigel at headingley.org
Sat May 9 18:54:42 CEST 2009

Dear friends

Some of my Mailman mailing list members are not getting the emails that 
the other members are receiving. Do you have any idea what could be 
involved here, and where I should look for the source of the issue?

I have 3 Mailman mailing lists - 'Activists' has 98 members and gets 
about 10 messages/week, 'Chat' has 194 members and gets about 2 
messages/week, 'Triangle' has 129 members and gets about 20 
messages/week. In addition I have 2 other lists that are too sleepy to 

Could it be something to do with spam blacklists? Very occasionally one 
of the messages arrives tagged as ***SPAM*** so something, somewhere, is 
making a guess that it was spam. I have searched for the domain name 
headingley.org and the shared IP address on some 
blacklist searches but it doesn't show up.

In one case of a couple, who are both members, one receives some 
messages that the other does not and visa versa. One is @ntlworld.com 
and the other is @yahoo.co.uk.

In another case of a couple, who are both members, one received a 
message which the other did not. Both are @btinternet.com.

Its hard to say how prevalent this problem is as none of my punters know 
about messages which they are not receiving.

Any ideas of how I can trace the fault?

Many thanks
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