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Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Sat May 16 16:49:07 CEST 2009

On May 16, 2009, at 3:42 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> Removing mailman-developers because I'm not talking about  
> implementation.
> Barry Warsaw writes:
>> I've long thought that all archives should be vended dynamically
>> rather than statically,  of course with a cache to improve  
>> performance
>> as necessary.
> I think it's a great option.  But first Mailman would have to support
> archives, which it doesn't, really.  pipermail is fine for small
> projects and some larger projects that are willing to put up with its
> limitations, but it's pretty creaky.  Anything else (eg MHonArc) is
> "you do it yourself, see the tracker".
> IMO, trying to support archiving is mission creep the project should
> avoid, except for providing hooks to make it easier to use 3rd party
> archivers.

Mailman 3 makes it very easy to add archivers.  I already have  
implementations of hooks for Pipermail, MHonArc, and mail- 
archives.com.  They're not mutually exclusive btw.

> N.B.  That doesn't mean Barry and Mark shouldn't contribute to
> archivers, if they want to.

I've long thought that Pipermail should be split off from Mailman as a  
project, perhaps still bundled in whatever sumo distribution we  
provide.  It would be very cool if a group of people worked together  
to make Pipermail not suck.


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