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Infokeep - Mario Sergio Mario at infokeep.com.br
Mon May 25 14:42:03 CEST 2009


I looked the Cleanse.py file and I found something like this:

    # Some headers can be used to fish for membership
    del msg['return-receipt-to']
    del msg['disposition-notification-to']
    del msg['x-confirm-reading-to']

In this case, Do I need only comment this lines? Or I need to remove the
"del" string in these lines?

Thanks for all!


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Infokeep - Mario Sergio wrote:
>All people of my list receive my email but no confirmation was send to

Mailman attempts to remove headers such as Return-Receipt-To:,
Disposition-Notification-To: and X-Confirm-Reading-To: from the
outgoing messages it sends. There are several reasons for this:

Many people are annoyed by these requests and set their MUAs to ignore
them, so they are not reliable.

Someone might inadvertently request return receipts on a post to a very
large list and then have to deal with a large number of replies.

Return receipts could be used to fish for membership on a list with a
restricted roster.

This removal can only be changed by modifying the Cleanse.py handler
that does the removal.

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