[Mailman-Users] i18n: admin/mod environment vs. user environment

Alvaro Uría fermat at rigel.deusto.es
Thu May 28 15:59:14 CEST 2009


Today, I've run across a curious issue with Mailman and its i18n.

The story goes like this:
1) We have a list where you can choose between 3 languages: A, B and C

2) The list is configured to use language A as default, and has a
max_message_size = 10kB

3) One subscriber uses language B and sends a message bigger than 10kB,
so it gets held (and gets a notice translated to language B)

4) Moderator gets a notice in language A (the default of the list, as I
said), but the reason is translated into language B (user's default).
This reason is also in language B in the Web interface (admindb).

Is that how it should work? Shouldn't be all the information (including
the reason) for the moderator in the default language of the list (in
this case, in language A)?

Thank you.


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