[Mailman-Users] track mail send to a mailing list

Daniel Ganea ganeadaniel1979 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 10:20:10 CET 2009

I have a user that complains that he did not receive the mails, how can i
check that?
Is there a log for that? i've seen only this su logs that the message was
sent to the list members:
Nov 06 17:07:54 2009 (6726) post to infolist from infolist at xxxx.xxx,
size=120216, message-id=<p3_20091106170750_4af449d66920d>, success
but to track that an mail was send to his email address?
I got the confrmation that he is is a part of the list: from logs:
Jul 17 15:30:27 2009 (10993) infolist: new "xxxxx.xxxx at xxxx.xxx" <>, admin
mass sub
has also the option *Mail delivery set to Enable*

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