[Mailman-Users] FW: Administrator Authentication

Steff Watkins s.watkins at nhm.ac.uk
Mon Nov 9 11:47:12 CET 2009

> From: Kuntz, Taina M.
> Sent: Monday, November 02, 2009 2:17 PM
> To: 'mailman-users at python.org'
> Subject: Administrator Authentication
> I am the List Administrator for a couple of mailing lists. I 
> am unable to get into the system.
> I'm not sure if I typed my password incorrectly too many 
> times or if I've forgotten my password.
> Is it possible to get my password reset?
> Thanks!
> Taina (tkuntz at purdue.edu)

Hello Taina,

 I don't know if this is the preferred/recommended/offically sanctioned
by Bob way to do this but if you have shell access to the mailman system
then in the 'bin' sub-directory of the mailman installation is a python
script called  change_pw. Quickly scanning through it it says in its

"Thus, this script generates new passwords for a list, and optionally
sends it to all the owners of the list."

Take a look at that. It may just fit your needs.

Steff Watkins (Internet? Email? It'll never catch on, you know!)

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