[Mailman-Users] Personalized Digests

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Nov 11 04:57:12 CET 2009

Mark J Bradakis writes:

 > I would love to simply remove them from the list, but thanks to the
 > policies AOL has set forth, I have no way of finding out who they
 > are.

If it's a discussion list or an announcement list that the members
positively value, just announce to the list

1.  AOL is threatening to obstruct distribution of list posts to AOL
    subscribers because of one unknown complainer
2.  AOL refuses to help you unsubscribe that person
3.  subscribers from AOL addresses will henceforth have to reactivate
    their subscriptions on the first of every month.

Then start the cron job that sets all AOL addresses to no-mail at
00:01 on the first of the month.<0.9 wink>  The "0.1" part is that if
*everybody* did this, I suspect AOL might change its policies.

BTW, while some AOL users are undoubtedly dimwits (and perhaps even a
higher fraction than the population at large), I kind of suspect that
at least some of the ones who mark your distribution as spam are
victims of joe jobs.  Yes, I'm sure you're using double opt in, but
it's often fairly easy to acquire passwords; some people put them on
post-its on their monitor, others post them to Mailman-Users!

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