[Mailman-Users] MailMan Configuration under Apple OS X Server 10.6.2

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Nov 15 04:31:16 CET 2009

First, a big CAVEAT. You are apparently dealing with Apple's Mac OS X
server port of Mailman. There are unknown differences between that and
the Mailman with which most of us on this list are familiar.

Gordon Smith wrote:
>I need to host lists in a number of virtual domains and I'm a little unclear as to how to proceed beyond the basic configuration as I'm getting errors.
>So, to try and explain.  My server's fully qualified domain name is mail.tft-bbs.co.uk and I need to host lists, as I said, in virtual domains.
>So, I modified the paths, correctly I think, to point to the virtual alias and Mailman files so that Mailman and Postfix would interact.
>First, I used the following commands in Apple's Terminal to view the Postfix virtual maps file:
>sudo /usr/sbin/postconf virtual_alias_maps
>Then, I did the following to add the path to the virtual Mailman file:
>sudo /usr/sbin/postconf -e virtual_alias_maps='hash:/etc/postfix/virtual_users, hash:/var/mailman/data/virtual-mailman'
>Then, I manually edited:
>Python script to add the virtual domains in the Postfix_style variable, as follows:
>MTA = 'Postfix'
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = '<mail.tft-bbs.co.uk>'
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST = '<mail.tft-bbs.co.uk>'

These should have no angle brackets. I.e.

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mail.tft-bbs.co.uk'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'mail.tft-bbs.co.uk'

>POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS = [ 'cecimac.org', 'dane-trethowan.net', 'gordon-smith.me.uk', 'small-world-radio.net', 'softcon.com', 'tft-bbs.com', 'tft-bbs.org', 'tft-bbs.org.uk', 'tft-bbs.net', ] 

This is correct.

>Can you tell me whether I have that syntax correct?  I apologise for what are probably irritating, basic configuration questions.  However, being totally blind and having to work by memorising parts of the documentation at a time and then putting them into the correct configuration files, I think it's highly likely that I've overlooked or misunderstood something.
>When I use the command:
>sudo /usr/share/mailman/bin/newlist -e 'tft-bbs.com' mac-access
>I am prompted for the administrator's E-Mail address and initial list password.
>Once those are entered, I'm getting an illegal list name error, which looks like:
>Illegal list name mac-access at mail

This might be because of the '<' and '>' in the definitions of
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and DEFAULT_URL_HOST, but normally those shouldn't
matter with the "-e 'tft-bbs.com'" option to newlist, so I'm not sure
what the problem is.

Are there other things in mm_cfg.py besides what you've shown as added

Also, There are other problems having to do with web access to Mailman
for the virtual hosts.

If what you want is for the host in all web URLs to be
mail.tft-bbs.co.uk regardless of the email domain, then what you have
is OK, but in the normal case where each virtual domain has its own
web and email domain, in addition, for each of your virtual domains
you need a line as for this example domain

add_virtualhost('tft-bbs.com', 'tft-bbs.com')

Note that the first 'tft-bbs.com' is the host-name for web URLs and the
second 'tft-bbs.com' is the email domain. If these are the same, then
the add_virtualhost is correct, but if the web host is different, say
'www.tft-bbs.com', then that should be the first argument in the

Also, if you don't specify a -u option to bin/newlist, the host name in
web URLs for this list will be the DEFAULT_URL_HOST host. If you do
have a correct add_virtualhost('tft-bbs.com', 'tft-bbs.com') in
mm_cfg.py, then it is sufficient for newlist to specify

sudo /usr/share/mailman/bin/newlist -u 'tft-bbs.com' mac-access

as that will set the web host and the email host will be looked up from
the add_virtualhost mapping.

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