[Mailman-Users] Call me Don Quixote... :-(

John mailman-owner at rx7-world.net
Mon Nov 16 20:51:35 CET 2009

This morning I checked the smtp log to see if I could find a match to my daily
ping. I did find it today, 1 entry for 156 members. And I got 156 summarized
bounces with 554 errors.  :-/  I'm going to try renaming the list or creating a
new one with the same members to see what happens...


Mark Sapiro wrote:

>>>>> Does the smtp log say it delivered the post to the appropriate number
>>>>> of recipients?
>>>> it's hard to say... there is no single entry for the problem list that has the
>>>> correct number (446 less a few nomail).
>>> What are the recipient numbers in the entry(s) for the message-id of a
>>> post?
>> If VERP is on won't there only be 1 recipient/message-id, but multiple
>> message-ids/post to Non-digest members? I also can't find a match to the
>> received message IDs.  It looks like digest is different, 2 entries totaling 262
>> "recips"...
> The individual (non-digest) messages are all the same message with the
> original message-id. The message may be delivered to the MTA by the
> SMTPDirect.py module in multiple transactions or even (with VERP) in
> transactions with a single recipient and a unique envelope sender, but
> there is still only one smtp log entry written by Mailman with the
> total number of recipients delivered to the MTA.
> The message-id in a message received from the list should be logged in
> the smtp log.
> Two entries per digest with Mailman generated message-ids is correct.
> one entry is for the plain format digest and one for the MIME format
> digest. These are separate messages with distinct contents, thus two
> messages. These may have been delivered to the MTA in multiple
> transactions or VERPed, but there are still only one log entry for the
> plain digest and one for the MIME digest.
>> For now, I'm going to assume (ouch) that it's my provider's problem.  Thanks for
>> all for the patience and answers. If nothing else, I learned more about the
>> workings of Mailman & qmail.  :-D    I may try shutting off the RFC headers on
>> the lists and see if that changes anything...
> There is some reason why this only affects one list. The question is
> why does the smarthost see mail from this list differently? Does the
> smarthost rate-limit you? I.e. does it reject all but the first 300
> recipients in an hour or something like that?

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