[Mailman-Users] Mailman current version?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Nov 19 03:41:41 CET 2009

Larry Stone writes:

 > I'm surprised none of the developers here have answered (unless I somehow 
 > missed it)

I think it's probably just time differentials, and the fact that the
only developer currently active on mailman-users is Mark.

2.1.12 is the latest release in the 2.x series.  It was intended to be
superseded by the 2.2 branch, but it looks like it may continue in
maintenance mode for a couple more releases.  I would expect that
future changes to 2.1.x will be more of the "damn the spammers, but we
have to do something about this new abuse they've cooked up" rather
than "bright shiny things" or even "mile-deep roach decides to look at
the sun" -- there probably are not many implementation bugs left,
although there are a raft of design problems.

The 2.2 branch has been cancelled in favor of 2.2-oriented developers
helping with 3.0.  There just wasn't enough manpower being applied to
address the design issues, and 3.0 is a much nicer platform for
developing a better UIs etc.

3.0 is currently in active development.  To call it "alpha" is a
misnomer; the implementation is currently very incomplete.  It's
actually usable as a mailing list distribution agent, but most of the
UI is as yet missing (at last report).  I expect early UI development
will go pretty fast as a lot of basic stuff can be ported from 2.x,
but then things may slow down again as thorny issues like backscatter
and radical UI improvement are addressed.

Discussion of Mailman 3 occurs on the mailman-developers list and on
the Mailman wiki.  If you're just looking for the latest production
version of Mailman, that's 2.1.12.

HTH, and of course Barry and Mark are authoritative sources here.


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