[Mailman-Users] Revisit to moderator aliases

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Sat Nov 21 05:29:54 CET 2009

Looks like I'm half-way there.... unfortunately, half-way means "one 
step back" before the "two steps forward".

I got my ISP to create the aliases:

foo-list:                      "|/opt/mailman/mail/mailman owner foo-list"
foo-list-mod:                  "|/opt/mailman/mail/mailman post foo-list"

It would appear that there is one more thing they need to do, because 
when I try to send an email to the foo-list-mod address, I get a hard 

    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<foo-list-mod at lists.sonic.net>
     (reason: 550 5.1.1 <foo-list-mod at lists.sonic.net>... No such user here)

I just got off the phone with their evening tech support person, but 
he doesn't have a clue.  He confirmed that the aliases were set up, 
but he doesn't know what else to do to complete the task so that 
foo-list-mod email is an actual working email address (and I don't 
know what to tell him so that he would know what to do).

The reason why I've gone backwards is because the first alias change 
*is* working, which means that there is currently no email address 
which is actually posting to the list.  Doh!  The list is dead, Jim.

(the evening tech guy said he didn't have authority to update aliases 
for mailing lists, so he couldn't back out the change)

Here's a couple of questions while I sit idly by as posts to the 
mailing list build up in my inbox:

1. Anyone know the missing ingredient (in tech terms) that might clue 
in the "night watchman" on what needs to be done to make foo-list-mod 

2. Is there anyway to get posts posted to a mailing list when there 
is no email address which does it?

I have high hopes that *eventually* this mailing list will get to 
where I need it to be, but given that the weekend is upon us, I'm 
currently looking for something to get the list working in the 


At 7:48 PM -0800 on 11/17/09, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>I think the aliases together with the modified Moderate handler for
>your list will be your DREAM SOLUTION. And this has the advantage that
>while it is some work for the host to set up, it affects only your
>list so thay can't say no solely on the grounds that it may have
>unintended consequences for other customers.

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