[Mailman-Users] Revisit to moderator aliases

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Tue Nov 24 01:02:24 CET 2009

Okay, today was quite the rollercoaster.  I finally got an email from 
my ISP's Operations group stating that the foo-list-mod email was 
working, but when I tried, it didn't work.  Bounced just like before. 
I called them up, and when I told them it was still bouncing, they 
insisted that it was working, and said there was nothing further they 
could do for me.  At that point, I lost it, and despite a great track 
record they had for customer support, I laid into them.  It was like 
Jekyll turning into Hyde.  After stating that the mailing list was 
down for 4 days, and that it was still not working, along with a few 
other "choice" things I said about their level of support on this 
occasion, he said he would find a supervisor and find a resolution to 
the problem.

An hour later, I got an email indicating that they had fixed the 
problem.  Apparently, they created the foo-list-mod under an old 
listman sub-domain, rather than the "lists" sub-domain that everyone 
is using.  Once they fixed that, and foo-list-mod started working.

Given that they were ready to shut the door on this before even 
getting the alias fixed (not to mention that he added a blurb about 
how they probably should not have supported the request in the first 
place), I'm not hopeful that they are going to do anything with the 
customization request.

What I think I'll do is just remove the MOD flags on everyone (since 
no one knows about the special mod email)(yet).  I might start 
looking at installing Mailman on my OS X server (which is already 
running EIMS 3.3).

In any case, I did have one follow-up question (suggestion, actually, 
from a member of my list).  In the digests, is there any setting that 
is available to *me* that will let me put the digest prolog text 
(e.g., "To subscribe..., When replying..., etc., etc.) at the bottom 
of the digest instead of the top?  As the member stated, they see 
this info constantly, but doesn't need to be read often, and it gets 
in the way with the front of the digest that they are interested in.


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