[Mailman-Users] rejecting messages *to* non-members

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Fri Nov 27 00:26:31 CET 2009

Glen, as my Lists are behind a cPanel install of MM
normally I have nothing to add G<> !!

<<Thanks to everyone for the responses and suggestions so far,
much appreciated. >>

However in this case, maybe I can.  I have a dozen or
so small Lists [all under 100 folks] that are basically
private.  As I set-up the 4th or 5th I HAD learned of
just your sort of problem.  Therefore, I ADDED to
the "Welcome" mail a paragraph TELLING subscribers
what WILL happen when they pull stunts like you are
having occur.  Also, that Bcc'ing will have similiar

Even tho a couple of Lists are 'paying' customers I am
VERY strong in my verbage <G> !!!!!

The 'results' are that the problem has become a NON-

Another prob I ran into early on was folks just blindly
using the "Reply-All" function therefore if I had made
the orginal post I would get TWO replies.  I nipped THAT
in the bud VERY quickly.  LOL  If you notice, YOU are
only getting this message via the List <G> because I DO
know how to Edit the "Reply-All".


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