[Mailman-Users] Checking for Heartbeat

Rex Goode rexgoode at verizon.net
Fri Nov 27 16:03:00 CET 2009

First, thanks to Mark Sapiro for the great reply on Multiple List 
Pending Requests.

I host with jumpline.com, which generally does a good job with me. The 
Mailman installation is pretty good, but for some reason I can't track 
down, Mailman keeps going belly-up. Jumpline customer support doesn't 
know why. I have to stop it to turn off whatever qrunners are running 
and restart it. I don't mind doing that now and then. It doesn't happen 
that often.

Here's the problem. My users don't think to tell me when they haven't 
had any mail from the list for awhile. I just go along thinking all is 
well until someone tells me, "Hey, Rex. We haven't had any email from 
the list for a week." I restart and old email mostly catches up.

I have an administrative page for all of my web sites and the various 
things they do. I am on that page several times each day. I would like 
to generate some message when Mailman isn't working, something I would 
see there. A lot of the command line scripts seem to work even if 
Mailman is not running. What can I use to check to see if it is alive?


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