[Mailman-Users] Increase Mailman Performance

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Oct 22 04:35:46 CEST 2009

Hien HUYNH HUU wrote:

>       How to increase Mailman Performance ? Now I'm using mailman with qmail . I see that I takes about 50 mins to send all 10.000 messages . I think this is a slow speed because I've heard that qmail can handle 10 million emails per day.
>      In my qmail, I installed big_concurrency patch and I set remote concurrency to 400. The spawn of qmail is 100 instead of 23.
>      Please guide me how to increase to speed of mailman, I wish It can send 10.000 messages within 10 mins :) . Can It do that ?

This is the second time you posted this question. It was answered the
first time at
If those answers, and Ralf's this time are insufficient, please
indicate at least that you read them.

That said, this is a qmail question, not a Mailman question. There are
some qmail tuning tips in the Mailman FAQ (see the second of the above
two links), but beyond that, you need to pursue this issue with qmail
support resources, not on this list.

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