[Mailman-Users] bad url specification & internal errors

Robert Rust robert.j.rust at uwrf.edu
Fri Oct 30 16:28:02 CET 2009

I'm trying to get mailman installed and working on Solaris 10 using the
mailman 2.0.12 package from blastwave and coolstack's apache.  The
problem I'm encountering is that after I create a list, when I try to go
to the admin page for it, I get an error in the page "Bad URL

My listinfo page generates an internal server error which shows up in
the apache logs as follows:
(22)Invalid argument: exec of '/apps/mailman/cgi-bin/listinfo' failed

The 'create' page actually shows up but doesn't work due to permission
issues (I don't think I'm inclined to remove it anyway since I don't
want lists created via the web).

How can I solve these?  I'm not finding much in the line of information
on what's wrong.

Robert J Rust
Application System Administrator
UWRF Division of Technology Services
(715) 425-4357
robert.j.rust at uwrf.edu

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