[Mailman-Users] Seeking Assistance with CGI Script Error

Molly Burns molly-burns at pacd.org
Tue Sep 1 21:35:35 CEST 2009



I am brand new to this list, and new to administrating mailman lists.  I
checked the FAQ and the official searchable archives, as well as the bugs
forum, and didn't have any success.  If this is not the forum for this
question, or it has already been asked and answered, please accept my
apologies and feel free to point me in the right direction!


We have a number of listservs using mailman.  The mailman system was set up
by our web hosting service, so I had nothing to do with installing it or
setting it up; I only set up the individual lists within the existing
system.  I have checked 'No' for 'Send monthly password reminders?' but some
of our members are still receiving password reminders.  This is OK, but the
links provided in these password reminders, which are supposed to take the
member to their subscription page, are always incorrect


The text (including the link that doesn't work) in the reminder e-mail looks
like this:


pacdmembers at pacd.org



When you click on the above link, you get a page that says:


CGI script error

Error: No such list pacdmembers_pacd.org


As you can imagine, this is frustrating for our list members.


When I go to my subscription page via list management, the address is:




I have tried to get help from our host, but he doesn't seem to know anything
more about the system than I do, so I am seeking assistance from those who
may have more knowledge about the system and why it is creating links to the
wrong location.  I know nothing about how it generates the reminder messages
or the links therein, and have no idea how to direct it to change them.


Thank you for any assistance you can provide, and again, if I am in the
wrong place, please let me know where my enquiry might bear fruit!


Thanks again,


Molly Burns

Administrative Assistant

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