[Mailman-Users] Mass subscribe blunder

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Wed Sep 2 02:46:11 CEST 2009

On Sep 1, 2009, at 6:48 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Adam McGreggor wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 01, 2009 at 02:51:45PM -0500, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
>>> I just did a mass Subscribe (288 address) for a list where I had
>>> intended to do a mass Invite.

>> If you didn't send a welcome message, a slightly cheeky option is to
>> unsub (without notification), and invite the folks.

> OTOH, if you did send a welcome, check Mailman's bounce log for  
> bounces
> and delete those addresses from the list.

Thank you!  That is extremely obvious once you point it out, but since  
I've never run a list with unconfirmed addresses before that had  
completely slipped my mind.

As it turns out, 31 out of 288 addresses were bouncing.  So the  
transcription error rate was much worse than I'd anticipated.



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