[Mailman-Users] Modifying Welcome Message Subject Lines

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 2 03:05:45 CEST 2009

Email Help wrote:

>I host several mailing lists off a single mailman server. I would like 
>to be able to modify the subject line of the initial welcome message for 
>some of the mailing lists. Is this possible?  I was able to modify the 
>subject line of messages being posted by modifying the global pipeline, 
>but did not see my welcome messages subject being changed.

Mailman generated messages are not processed through the
GLOBAL_PIPELINE. They are processed by VirginRunner through a hard
coded pipeline consisting of CookHeaders and ToOutgoing. VirginRunner
also sets _fasttrack = 1 in the message metadata which causes even
parts of CookHeaders to be skipped.

The actual welcome subject is hard coded in Deliverer in the
SendSubscribeAck method.

So you could (possibly conditionally) modify the subject in
Mailman/Deliverer.py or modify the pipeline in
Mailman/Queue/VirginRunner.py to include your subject munging handler.

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