[Mailman-Users] Question About Gzip'd Archives

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Thu Sep 3 23:36:23 CEST 2009

On 09/03/09 15:45, Barry Finkel wrote:
> I save it on my desktop, and when I look at the file, I see that it 
> is a plain text file.  It is not a gzip'd file.  Why?  Thanks.

I'm betting that Apache is automatically decompressing the file and 
sending it to you.

Apache (and a few other web servers) know how to serve up content that 
has been compressed on disk to save space.  It can be configured to send 
either the compressed or decompressed content.

The thing that I'm not sure about is how Apache will behave (if it's 
working with compression) if it has two files, 2009-August.txt and 

Another thing that may be messing with you is that Firefox may be 
reporting (via HTTP header) that it can accept and deal with compressed 
content and IE not doing so.

Unless someone else comes up with any thing else, I think I would go to 
an Apache group and re-pose your scenario (of the compressed and 
uncompressed files) and see if they can help shed some more light on the 
subject.  Of course you can do some digging in Apache's documentation 
and probably find some more information too.

Grant. . . .

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