[Mailman-Users] Microsoft Outlook and footer/signature "attachments"

Christopher C. Wright chriswr at iodalliance.com
Wed Sep 2 16:59:08 CEST 2009

I've done some reading through this and other mailing lists, but I can't
find anything relating to this topic past 2004; if there is something
more current, please forgive me.

In short, any time someone sends a non purely-text/plain email through
our Mailman lists, Outlook decides the footer (detailing the list name
and the like) is an attachment, and so presents it as such to the user. 
I understand this is purely an Outlook problem (several other mail
clients in use do not display this behavior), but the higher-ups at my
company wish this 'problem' resolved, and each of them use Outlook.

I had found a patch to one of the message-handling scripts, specifically
related to attachment processing, but discovered that it had already
been implemented in the main Mailman build some time ago.  In short, I'm
just trying to append the message footer to the body of whatever message
comes through, before tacking on attachments.

Thank you for your time
-- Christopher

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