[Mailman-Users] Membership List Won't Reset to Non-Digest

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Sep 8 05:28:28 CEST 2009

Todd Wheeler wrote:

>New to mailman and testing features for a client.  One member address is 
>getting digests yet the setting in the Membership List administrative 
>web page does not have digests or plain checked.
>I have checked digests/plain on, submitted, then cleared them off and 
>submitted.  The member address is still getting digest messages.

More than one? When you change a member from digest to non-digest, that
member generally receives one last digest because she hasn't received
those posts accumulated for the digest at the time of the change.

In the worst case, you will change the member from non-digest to digest
and back; the member will receive one last digest and complain; you
will again switch her from non-digest to digest and back; she will
again receive one last digest; ...

>Where might I look to determine why the settings are not getting set to 
>non-digest?  I have access on the server to the root files, but not sure 
>where to start looking.

If digest is unchecked in Membership Management... --> Membership List
the member is not receiving digests except possibly for one last
digest as above. You can also follow the link from Membership
Management... --> Membership List to the member's options page, but it
will show the same setting.

You can also do

  bin/dumpdb lists/LISTNAME/config.pck | grep -A5 one_last_digest

to see at least some of the members who are going to receive one last

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