[Mailman-Users] Garbled digest messages

Rick Morrison rickmorrison at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 17:53:08 CEST 2009

Hi Marc, thanks for the reply.

> What Mailman version?

We're running 2.1.12

> By every character lost, do you mean replaced with a '?' or something
> else.

Looks like replaced characters. Here's a sample:

 ???????j?  ?b~??
???.?v?I?m4??V?????j?j????' #? ???\???T?i?^?
 ? 8 m?????f???,? ???^j??????:"???\?j?u????^????J?x ????????Wb???????x ??1??
???jwG?mN ????? y??7????? ??'(??r+^u????? ?:.??r ???nt?h??b?x????h|??*'?????
???jv???/y???^???????%???????&)?z,^? h??V????I?????jwZ????????{aj??Wkz?Zq???
???b~??"? "?)n?*'??.???????V????{h}?m??????x-??\?jx?? -????r h?+bq?]????????
??w???????'????j)??x* ?+b?{aj????????wm?????v ???????}t????&j?.??z??????j???
??e??j{m??y?m???j???? ?zf??? ???^ ???+?????? ?j?+y???? ????????Z j?? ?j'V{ ?

> Did you change from the default us-ascii for English in an attempt to
> solve this or for some other reason?
I made the change in an attempt to fix this.

> Is it only the affected message that's garbled in the digest? I.e.
> other messages in the digest are OK? Are the headers of the affected
> message garbled too?

Yes only the affected messages bodies are garbled, other messages are fine.

As for the headers, all the headers appear clear for all messages, including
the garbled ones.  Here are the headers from a garbled message, they're
taken directly from the digest itself with my edits to remove the private


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