[Mailman-Users] Treat post from non-member mail addresses like joinrequest?

Markus mailmanusers at 1ster.de
Fri Sep 25 10:37:09 CEST 2009


thanks for your reply. Until I get that handler right, I copied all
posts to "list-join" and changed one line in cmd_subscribe so that it
does not reply when the sender is already subscribed.

For the time being I am ok with releasing initial posts manually if they
contain anything more than "please, I want to join this list"...

In the long run, it would be a nice feature to ask non-members trying to
post whether they want to subscribe to a list, maybe as an additional


Mark Sapiro schrieb:
> Markus wrote:
>> this is roughly what I want to achieve, with a list that allows posts
>>from members only:
>> - when a member mails to <list>@<domain>, the message should be posted
>> as usual
>> - when a non-member mails to <list>@<domain>, this should be treated
>> like a subscription request, i.e. as if he had mailed to
>> <list>-join@<domain>
> You could do this with a custom handler that would be in the pipeline
> ahead of Moderate. It could do the same membership test as Moderate,
> and then if it is a non-member post, queue it in the commands queue
> with tojoin=1 in the metadata.
> You could also let the pipeline continue and hold the non-member post,
> but automatically approving that post when the poster becomes a member
> is trickier. You could make a script that checks all posts held for
> 'post by non-member' and if the poster is now a member, approves the
> post, and run that script periodically with cron.

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