[Mailman-Users] cleaning up config.pck

Mike Cherry cherry at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 21 18:31:53 CEST 2010


Of course you were right the size of my config.pck was not because of the bounce information.  The with script did remove some old bounce info but not much.  In looking at the dumpdb txt I see the issue is with the hold_and_cmd_autoresponses.  The size of the file does not correlate with the number of subscribers rather the amount of spam the list recieves.  

list 1; config.pck size 16M, 1.2M hold_and_cmd_autoresponses addresses, 113 subscribers

list 2; config.pck size 13M, 1.0M hold_and_cmd_autoresponses addresses, 584 subscribers

list 3; config.pck size 1.1M, 80K hold_and_cmd_autoresponses addresses, 62 subscribers

I'm assuming that 1.2 million addresses in hold_and_cmd_autoresponses might be keeping the file large?  I am assuming that my problem is with the size of the file as lists with smaller config.pck files release locks quicker and the web admin interface starts much much faster.

In Defaults.pk I have MAX_AUTORESPONSES_PER_DAY = 10.


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