[Mailman-Users] network pressure ..

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Mon Aug 16 10:38:03 CEST 2010

Khalil Abbas [khillo100 at hotmail.com] wrote:

>I'm running a mailing list service and  have a dedicated server with godaddy for that, the server sends emails thru godaddy's relay servers.. I have 38 lists on this >server and all the 38 lists have about 9,000 subscribers .. but some of my customers send to their lists more than once a day..

>godaddy has told me that my server is making a pressure on their network and causing them problems because its sending too much data to the relay system very >fast, they said that I should find a way to distribute the emails over a period of 12 hours or more to ease the pressure on their network..

An alternative is to let your server at Godaddy send the emails out directly via MX lookups, rather than sending it off to a smarthost.  This would be an MTA configuration option, unless you specified an SMTP server directly in mm_cfg.py, in which case remove it, and Mailman will submit the messages through the MTA on localhost.


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