[Mailman-Users] Admin web interface doesn't show migrated lists

Kevin Carmical KevinC at uca.edu
Fri Aug 20 21:45:40 CEST 2010

Hello all. 
I'm migrating existing lists from a mailman 2.1.4 install on Suse 9 to a mailman 2.1.12 install on Suse 11. 
After installing mailman and integrating apache and postfix, I tested with a temporary list and it worked fine, both from CLI and through the web interface. I then copied the lists from my old install, ran checkperms and fixed problems until clean. I also ran genaliases to create the correct alias entries for the migrated lists.
Mailman can see those old lists and recognizes them as valid. List_lists shows them all with no problem. The web interface, though, only shows lists that I've created natively on the new install. Something isn't communicating the presence of the migrated lists into Apache for display in the web interface. I've checked the needed ScriptAlias and other alias lines needed in the httpd.conf. New lists show up and can be created/deleted easily, but the migrated lists from the old install aren't visible. 
Can someone explain to me how apache gets the contents of the lists as displayed in the web interface? I think if I knew how that is *supposed* to work when normal, it might give me an idea of where to look for the problem. Of course, if you happen to know specifically why this isn't working, I'll certainly take that, too. :-)
Kevin Carmical
Network Support
BBA 107

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