[Mailman-Users] Cannot set digest mode via URL

William Bagwell rb211 at tds.net
Sat Aug 28 11:24:40 CEST 2010

On Saturday 28 August 2010, Brad Knowles wrote:
> Are you sure it's 2.1.13, and not something like 2.1.11-cp3?  In all
> the versions I've ever seen cPanel release, they've always included a
> dash and then their internal version identifier for their modified
> code.

I can confirm that a cPanel Mailman install that recently was 2.1.11.cp3 
is now showing 2.1.13 in the headers. 

> If they are now shipping something and calling it 2.1.13 and it's not
> exactly the same code that we provide from
> <http://www.list.org/download.html>, then I think it's time we had the
> PSF and/or FSF lawyers give them a call -- and speaking as a member of
> the Mailman Cabal, I will make sure to carry through on that, if
> necessary.

I think Mark has seen their code and is working to have a better 
relationship with them... Ah, see this post.

Please don't threaten to sue them! I want Mailman 3.0 and the only way I,m 
going to get to use it is through cPanel.

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