[Mailman-Users] Interesting problem with gmail users

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Tue Dec 7 16:03:59 CET 2010

Note: this is NOT the frequently asked question about why GMail users
don't see their own posts.

I run a bunch of mailman mailing lists, and I'm subscribed to those
lists from my GMail account.  I also set up a filter to tag the posts
from those mailing lists.  However, the messages from some other GMail
users on those mailing lists show a banner that says "Due to a filter
you created, this message was not sent to Spam. Edit Filters".  Other
GMail users do not show that banner.  The ones who do show the banner
show it consistently for every message they send to the list (although
not on messages they send me directly) and the ones who do not show
the banner never show it.  I've never seen it for a non-GMail address.

I suspect it has something to do with the way GMail puts a
DKIM-Signature and DomainKey-Signature on outgoing mail.  Something
Mailman is doing is making the signatures invalid.  As a matter of
fact, doing a "Show original" on a couple of the flagged messages
seems to confirm that, with messages like

Authentication-Results: mx.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: domain of
geeks-bounces at list.xcski.com designates as permitted
sender) smtp.mail=geeks-bounces at list.xcski.com; dkim=neutral (body
hash did not verify) header.i=@gmail.com

So what are my options here?  Can I strip out the DKIM headers within
Mailman?  Or should I just configure my mailserver to add a DKIM


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