[Mailman-Users] List "Locked Up"...kind of

Wayne Cook wcook at mycoachonline.com
Mon Feb 1 13:30:11 CET 2010

I have mailman on OSX 10.4.11 server and I set up a mailing list with  
4 or 5 addresses in it to test stuff out.  All seemed to work fine  
with adding, deleteing, sending mail and such so I imported about 50  
addresses into the list from a different mail programs (via a csv file).

Everything still seemed to work fine so I imported about 30,000 emails  
and stuff got flakey.

The email lists won't send mail any more, and they won't show up in  
the OSX Server Admin but they do show up using the web interface.

When I go to Server Admin and click the mail tab, the enable mailing  
lists check box is unchecked and in the bottom left of the window (to  
the left of the "overview | logs | connections | maintenance |  
settings" menu, I have the spinnie wheel that something is happening  
and that's been going on for about 12 hours.

Can anyone give me ideas on how to get things so I can see them  
again?  The activity monitor says servermgrd is using between 98 to  
100% of the cpu.  I kill this process or restart the machine and  
everything stays the same.


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