[Mailman-Users] Password // URL in Notification Emails

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Feb 1 17:23:29 CET 2010

Carlos Williams wrote:

>Every month I get an email from MailMan list's I am currently
>subscribed to & in this email there is a field that shows as follows:
>List                                     Password // URL
>----                                     --------
>staff at mydomain.tld                      vipidimi
>Can someone tell me if there is a way to disable the plain text email
>of passwords via the MailMan system? I don't think those passwords are
>for 'Administrative' login sessions of lists so I really don't
>understand their purpose. Can anyone tell me what they are used for
>and how can I disable them from the reminder email?

These are reminders to the list members of their list member passwords.
This is the password that a list member can use to authenticate for
her own user options page (at the given URL) and for private archive
access and for access to the list roster if it is available to list

The admin can use the list admin password for this, but if the admin is
a list member, the list membership has its own password which is not
the admin password.

The reminder email can be disabled in three ways.

The user can disable her individual reminder on her user options page.

The list admin can disable all monthly reminders for the list
regardless of user settings by setting General Options ->
send_reminders to No.

The site admin can disable monthly reminders for all lists by removing
cron/mailpasswds from Mailman's crontab.

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