[Mailman-Users] .htaccess protection of archives

Phil Ewels phil at tallphil.co.uk
Tue Feb 9 16:45:59 CET 2010

So everyone will be using the same login details for the .htaccess 
protection (it's a fairly small group of users who need to access these 
pages, who all trust each other and having one login for all saves a lot 
of hassle). So no dynamic modification needed (if I understand you 

Users will be subscribed to a maximum of four lists, but I'd like them 
to be able to browse the archives of all of them. In other words, have 
the mailing lists behave as if they have public archive access, but 
behind a .htaccess wall to prevent Joe Bloggs from reading the lists.

This may get overly complicated, so I might just create a dummy account 
and publicise the login details on a page protected by .htaccess. Messy 
but easy.


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Phil Ewels wrote:
>> I'd like to avoid using the standard private archives because that would 
>> require users to log in a second time, with a second username and 
>> password. I'm attempting to hide everything behind a single .htaccess wall.
> OK, but I don't think dynamically modifying .htaccess can work. What if
> you have two 'disjoint' users trying to browse different archives
> concurrently?
> Or were you thinking of per-list .htaccess modified by your subscribe
> process?
>> The other reason is that the users are currently being signed up by an 
>> automated script, which does it silently, so they are not getting any 
>> welcome messages and will not know what their subscription password is.
>> I'll have a go using ?password=PASSWORD and see where I get to...
> OK

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