[Mailman-Users] HTML Emails?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 12 04:45:58 CET 2010

Wayne Cook wrote:
>I'm sending html email to my mailing list and some come out right and  
>others come out like the attached file...anyone know what I have set  

[Moderator note: The attached file, stripped by content filtering, was
a TIFF image of what appears to be an Apple Mail view of a message
with 8 MIME parts shown as attachments and the only thing displayed
inline was the msg_footer.]

What you will see when you view this message with an MUA (mail client)
depends on the particular MUA. See the FAQ at
<http://wiki.list.org/x/84A9> for some more insight.

I am guessing you may have a msg_header defined for your list that
appears empty but actually contains some whitespace, and since your
original post was MIME multipart, Mailman just added the msg_header as
the first MIME part and your MUA sees this initial text/plain part as
the message body and then the subsequent parts as attachments.

In order to say anything more definitive we would need to see the "raw
message source" (option-command-U in apple mail) for this message. You
could remove most of the content of the various parts, but we need to
see the all the MIME headers and boundaries for all the message parts.

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