MayaOhmMahatma MayaOhmMahatma at heartlights.org
Mon Feb 15 18:20:12 CET 2010

I recently set up a new basic mailing list through my account with Blue 
Host (I have used mailman for several years without a problem).

When I set up the list I sent a "test" message. 

And I received the following:
*The CVP at fallrivervalleycvp.org mailing list has 1 request(s) waiting
for your consideration at:

Please attend to this at your earliest convenience.  This notice of
pending requests, if any, will be sent out daily.

Pending posts:
From: citizenspatrol at fallrivervalleycvp.org on Thu Feb 11 11:15:26 2010
Subject: test
Cause: Post by non-member to a members-only list*

I went into administrative control and tried everything I could to get 
rid of this message.  I tried rejecting, accepting, deleting, etc.  I 
even tried signing up the email address as a member.

BUT . . . I continue to get the message saying that my approval to sent 
the message is needed.

It's like when I request an action, the action does not complete.

Is there something I did wrong in the initial set-up that is causing this?

OR . . . can you delete that one message for me?

My account with Blue Host is under "Heart Lights Ministry" with a domain 
name of "heartlights.org".

The Mailing List I am referring to is for our Citizens Volunteer Patrol 
(CVP) and the list name is "Citizens Patrol"  with an address of 
cvp at fallrivervalleycvp.org

Whitney Murdock
(Maya Ohm Mahatma)
citizenspatrol at fallrivervalleycvp.org

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