[Mailman-Users] Mailman no longer working or working very slowly

Steven Jones Steven.Jones at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Feb 18 02:25:58 CET 2010


Looking at shunt we have 127 items....but its not all the same list we have at least 5 so far....

When I do a, find /var/mailman/lists/ -name digest.mbox |wc -l

I have 49 lists....

So its not obvious which list it is so far...

I have looked inside one digest.mbox and there is nothing but benign content so far....a

Its possible that the content is / was a DOS attack?  or maybe just chance....



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Steven Jones wrote:
>Which python process - i.e.which qrunner.
>Also look in Mailmans qfiles/* directories to see which one has a large
>number of messages.
>We moved the queues and restarted its now running fine....which isnt a real 
>fix of course.

I think our messages crossed in transit, but you have only temporarily
circumvented the problem. It will recur with additional posts to the
problem list until you fix or remove that list's digest.mbox.

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