[Mailman-Users] Specific geographical membership in the maillist; Folkemusiklisten

Martin Ibsgaard martin at folkemusik.dk
Mon Feb 22 14:37:38 CET 2010

Hi mailman,


I have a question from a subscriber, who asks if it’s a possibility to
narrow her receiving mails down to a specific geographical area.

She just wants to receive mails on Folkemusiklisten (typical mails about
upcoming shows and concerts) from the area where she lives.

Can I set the mail list up in mailman, so I can accommodate her request? It
should be a feature, where the subscribers themselves can enable this and
not as an implied feature for everybody, because many still prefer to
receive mails, covering the whole country. My thoughts on this, is that it
can’t, because the sender is not registered by geographical area, but only
by his or hers mail address.


Kind regards


Martin Ibsgaard

Information Services


Folkemusikkens Fælles Sekretariat
Saltholmsgade 22
8000 Århus C
Tlf: +45 70225070
www.folkemusik.dk <http://www.folkemusik.dk/> 



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